BIM Outsourcing offers construction documentation services which are valuable to the designers and contractors. Our skilled team can generate high quality construction deliverables from the 3D model to suit your projects and client’s needs.

Construction drawings in 2D format are delivered as a standard, taking advantage of the true BIM Parametric efficiencies.

Outsource conversion of 2D CAD drawings or hand made sketches into 3D BIM. We will convert your drawings precisely and accurately following all your specific instructions.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation and let’s speed up your construction process.

High quality 2D construction deliverables from 
the 3D model 

What is the process

3d rendering for 2d drawings

Our customers give us the 2D files. We use Revit and other softwares to convert the drawings into a 3D model. Our technicians will draft details, set up schedules, render interior or exterior scenes for a 3D model.

We use the most innovative methods to present the details of the building and make it compliant with the latest UK standards.

3D BIM model is not only about the visual representation of the project. We are especially careful about the information component in BIM.
This allows you to detect possible mistakes and clashed ahead of time and save time and money in your project. 

2D to 3D BIM conversion service is especially popular with architects, building owners/managers, engineers, homeowners, interior designers, and real estate professionals. The drawing types that clients typically request are: floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, building exterior and interior elevations, and building cross sections.

Using a complete model, you will be able to present the concept of your project in great detail.

We are meticulous about the project details and your specifications

Project Visualization

By using BIM, you can plan and visualize the entire project during preconstruction, before the shovel hits the ground.

Clash Detection

BIM allows you to better coordinate trades and subcontractors, detecting any MEP, internal, or external clashes before construction begins.

Mitigated Risk

Better overview of the project before starting allows for more prefabrication and reduces waste on unused materials, among other benefits.

Increased Productivity

BIM data can be used to instantly generate production drawings or databases for manufacturing purposes.

Why BIM Outsourcing?

Outsource your 3D BIM project to us and let us share our expertise.
Licenced Professionals
Our BIM consultants are expert advisers of Revit. We use Level of Detailing (LOD) 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 as per international codes to create detailed models.
cutting edge technology
We strive to solve problems and pair up the best technology solutions on every project. We utilize a combination of available software and proprietary tools to deliver results for our clients.
Focus on Customer
We are highly competent team with a goal to provide customer focused solution to the highest standards

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